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Scalping Boots
Monty Arrossa, from Jerome, Idaho
Two-Time Chariot Racing World Champion & Former World Record Holder
says why he prefers Equipro Horse Scalping Boots:

"We have never been able to find a boot that will fit around the hind foot and protect the coronet band during the race as the Equipro Boot is able to do. We like the way the boot STAYS ON even under wet, muddy conditions. We also like the Equipro Bell Boot for our quarter horse flat races."

Features of the scalping boots:
~Lycra lining
~Do not shift when put on correctly
~Easy to put on
~Especially good for young horses...will not rub
tect the coronet band from hoof strikes during exercise and racing.

Equipro Horse Scalping Boots are used on the hind feet to protect the coronet bands. Made of neoprene. Your horses are guaranteed the maximum comfort.
Scalping Boots -- $26.00 / pair

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