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Low Back Support Belts



These belts make a great gift.
 And remember, all Equipro products are 100% guaranteed
and  are USA Made
Long Beach, CA

If you work with horses in any capacity, you know of the strain that is placed on the lower back. Finally, a comfortable, therapeutic, non-restrictive low back support belt designed especially for you.

For a trainer, farrie
r or rider, the Equipro Low Back Support Belt is easily adjustable to fit everyone. The therapeutic back support works with your own body heat to create a moist heat therapy. This belt improves posture, which causes a decrease in fatigue and soreness. The Equipro Low Back Support Belt is designed to provide even and gentle compression, warmth and comfort to damaged tissues -- it also works as a preventive for recurrent injuries. It reduces wear and tear on the back from bending or standing, and can be comfortably worn under a jacket for unobserved support when needed most.

jockeyridesEquipro Low Back Support Belts are comfortable to wear. There are no stays...just a lumbar pad and side pulls. The UVL which is laminated over the front of the belt provides a large area for the velcro to attach. This support encourages rather than inhibits activity. Worn by farriers, jockeys, equestrians, the support is now available for grooms, and trainers. Well-endorsed. 

Wes Champagne- Farrier at Hollywood Park Racetrack says,
"It is easier to straighten up after shoeing when wearing the Equipro Back Support Belt.  I like to put it on if I'm getting a little tired for the extra support. It is also is a good support."

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Low Back Support Belt -- EXTRA EXTRA LARGE
only one left in stock
Measures 10" Wide and 55" Long
Fits waist 42" to 52"

Tips for Getting the Most out of Equipro Support Belts

1. When attaching the side pulls to the front of the belt...pulling the side pulls DOWN to the lower portion will give more support to the upper lower back. Pulling the side pulls UP will provide more support to the lower, lower back.

2. If you feel hot from the belt....loosen it for about one minute and then re-tighten...your body will adjust to the temperature change.

3. Best if worn over a t shirt or not wear directly against skin.

4. Wash in gentle detergent by hand and hang dry.

Activities that the belt is good for:

 Horseback riding, cleaning stalls, showing, hunt seat equitation (wear it under your jacket for help with posture), barrel racing, galloping, racing.
Trainers;  standing and observing horses and riders makes one forget about your own needs. The Equipro low back support belt provides that extra support just for you.


Low Back Support Belt -- 3X LARGE
only one left in stock
Measures 10" Wide and 63" Long
Fits waist 45" to 60"

Low Back Support Belt -- 4X LARGE
only one left in stock
Measures 10" Wide and 69" Long
Fits waist 48" to 66"

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