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Horse Ice Boots
Niel Drysdale promotes Equipro 

"The Equipro Horse Ice Boots fit better and last longer that any other
ice boots
we have used on our horses."

-- Neil Drysdale, Hall of Fame Member and
Trainer of Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus

                                                                                                                         Nine-Pocket Horse Ice Boots
$109.00 a pair

Horse Ice Boots aids in the reduction of inflammation. Applying cold treatment is a natural non-invasive drug free treatment. Cold therapy can help to ease pain and provides analgesia. Tests have shown that no more than THIRTY MINUTES is required.

Equipro horse ice boots work with crushed ice. They work very well with a thin layer of ice because they are so well insulated.  

Our elastic
The elastic pockets are made from a high quality tightly woven elastic that has a soft feel to it. The elastic retains its stretch. Our elastic is made in a mill in Rhode Island. You can count on the quality of an american made product. Our elastic is soft to the touch but durable and strong. These horse ice boots outlast the competition.

Following is an interview with Dr. Hoffman regarding the benefits of  Ice Therapy

Dr. Kurt D. Hoffman. a veterinarian,  has an equine practice in Southern California specializing in racehorses. Dr. Hoffman treats some of the top racehorses in the country and works for several Hall of Fame Trainers.

The following is an interview with Dr. Hoffman regarding ice therapy:

ice bootsEquipro: "Dr Hoffman, you have been treating racehorses for years and are familiar with injuries that consistently seem to reoccur to racehorses in training. As with human athletes, racehorses often face challenges that undermine their ability to remain sound.

What conditions do you feel ice would be effective in treating?"

Dr. Hoffman: "Ice is great for acute injuries to tendons, ligaments, joints, and even long bones.  Ice is also effective for more chronic, ongoing conditions like sore shins, sore feet, and osteoarthritis.

Equipro: "How much time (per treatment) do you recommend the horse ice boots be used for?

Dr. Hoffman:"In human physical therapy, ice is often used 20 minutes on and then followed by twenty minutes off and then on for an additional twenty minutes. That is usually not very practical for us, so we ice horses legs only once a day . Although many trainers tend to leave the ice boots on for forty to sixty minutes, THIRTY MINUTES is probably as effective as any longer periods for most conditions."

Equipro: "If a horse has no inflammation...his legs are cold.  Can ice be used as a preventive?"

Dr. Hoffman: "Ice can be used before a race for its anti-inflammatory properties, but if the legs are cold and tight, ice really is not an effective preventive measure."

Equipro: "Dr Hoffman thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions."


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Made in Long Beach, CA

As of December 1, 2012 we have redesigned our nine pocket ice boots. We are now sewing the velcro directly onto the body of the boot. This serves a very practical purpose ...the straps last longer. 

These boots ice the knee, tendon, ankle and shins.
Measures 24" high by 15 1/2" wide. They fit around the leg. Pocket sizes (inside the pocket) measure 4 1/4" x 7".
nine pocket ice boots
Nine-Pocket Ice Boots
$109.00 a pair

These boots ice the shin, ankle and tendon.
Measures 17 " high by 15 1/2 inches wide.
six pocket
Six-Pocket Ice Boots
$91.00 a pair
Hock Ice Boots

Hock Ice Boots
$69.00 a pair

Ice Knee Wrap
Provides a quick, easy and convenient way to apply ice to the knee.

note: This is a demonstration picture only. In reality it would be best to have your horse bandaged from the knee down and then apply the Ice Knee Wrap. Two things are accomplished by doing this.
1. The Ice Knee Wrap will stay in place (won't slide down)
    2. The bandage will avoid uneven pressure on the tendon.

Ice Knee Wraps
$59.00 a pair

Tips on Caring for your
Equipro Ice Boots

#1. To increase the life span of your boots; if you're using your boots every day you can put them in the sun to dry. However as soon as they are dry pull them into the shade. The neoprene will last much longer if not exposed to the sun. If you use your boots very rarely then dry them in the shade and avoid the sun.

#2. The more relaxed your horse is while being iced the more effective the boots will work. Hang a full hay net outside of his stall and let him look out of his stall while he is being iced. Horses enjoy looking at the activities around them and the more relaxed your horse is the more he will benefit from the the ice therapy.

#3. A thin layer of ice is is more effective than a thick layer. The advantage of using a thin layer is that undue pressure will not be unevenly applied to the tendons and also the boots will last much longer if they are not over filled.
#4. Equipro manufactures ice boot suspenders which keep the ice boots from sliding down. Suspenders ultimately increase the life span of the ice boots because the ice boot straps will not have to be tightend as much in order to keep the boots from sliding down

Features of Equipro Ice Boots

Our straps have been redesigned. The velcro now attaches to the boot itself. The straps will now last longer.
Our boots have a lining; this enables the boot to lay better against the horse's leg.

Ice packs can fit into the pockets but Equipro does not supply them. We recommend crushed ice.
The pockets measure 4 1/4 " by 7"...inside of the pocket.

It is a good idea to check with your vet to see if your horse would benefit from ice therapy.

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