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 Bell Boots
equipro Ice Boots

Equipro Bell Boots velcro on and stay on! These boots are made from high quality 5mm thick neoprene. They are fast to put on and take off which makes them especially nice for young horses.

If a horse is healing from an injury these boots are good because they go on snug and they won't interfere  with the healing process by flopping around on the foot as  a standard bell boot would do.

We DO NOT put any velcro on the inside of our boots. A horse's coronet band or bulb can be scratched by the velcro on the inside of the bell boot rubbing their foot. Our bell boots are comfortable and effective.

These boots should go on SNUG (not tight).

How to care for your bell boots:
Be sure to brush them off after every use. This will keep the sand and dirt from interfering with capacity of the hook and loop of the velcro to stick to one another. They can be washed down with a hose but try to avoid hanging them in the sun for too long. The ultra violet rays of the sun will cause the neoprene to deteriorate prematurely.

I like the way these bell boots
do not
interfere with the horse’s natural movement

Ron Ellis-

Trainer of Eclipse Award winner

Declan’s Moon

Large Bell Boots -Fits most Warmbloods
$32.00 a pair

Medium Bell Boots -This is our most popular     size
Fits most Thoroughbreds and Quarterhorses

$26.00 a pair-FREE SHIPPING-USA

Small Horse Size Bell Boots- Fits smaller horses

$26.00 a pair-FREE SHIPPING-USA

26.00 a pair-FREE SHIPPING
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