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"Dedicated to the Care and Comfort of the Equine Athlete"
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When Zenyatta lived at Hollywood Park, she wore the Equipro Leg Wraps.
Zenyatta, the 2010 Horse of th Year and the only mare to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic, has produced a healthy foal by Bernardini.
The 'Queen of Racing' now resides at Lane's End Farm in Kentucky.

Best of luck in your new chapter in life!

with her new foal Cozmic One

Equipro Owner Beth Byrne shares a moment with magnificent Zenyatta

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Horse Bedsore Boots
and   Scalping Boots
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Back Support Belts
Bell Boots

One of a kind, this is one of our most popular items. Our Bedsore Boots are designed by a vet to avoid pressure on tendons while providing protection against bed sores. And if, for whatever reason, you are not happy, return them for a full refund. Your complete satifaction is what is important to us. Give them a try!

Bedsore Boots
$26.00 USD a pair (FREE SHIPPING)

Read more about out Bedsore Boots by clicking here

Bell Boots-Medium
fit most Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses
$26.00 USD a pair (FREE SHIPPING)

These boots go on snug and STAY ON. They do not interfere with the horse's natural movement and offer just the right amount of protection.

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To see our full range of Horse ICE BOOTS
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All our products are guaranteed and made in the USA!
You'll never be disappointed with the Equipro line of products. Our horse ice boots provide drug free relief for the ankles, tendons, knees and hocks. Our hock ice boots, nine pocket ice boots and our six pocket ice boots are used by the top trainers and top racehorses worldwide.  The straps on the Equipro horse ice boots were redesigned in the fall of 2012; the straps are now made from velcro  with the base of the strap located close to the body of the boot. We realize that the horse ice boots have enough stretch in themselves and the added stretch provided from the straps wasn't necessary. Our new design is simpler and provides a more even pressure when applied to the horse's legs...and guarantees a longer strap life. The material for our horse ice boots is 5mm thick. We use a soft but strong 8" wide elastic to make the pockets for the ice boots. The elastic is of such a high quality that it has the softness of cotton but its tensile strength keeps the pockets from getting stretched out. The elastic is woven at a mill in the USA. Our horse ice boots outlast the competition.

We now offer ice boot suspenders.

1. Keeps Ice Boots from sliding down.
2. Increased life span of ice boots; the ice boot straps do not have to be constantly tightened

1. Sheepskin lining
2. 8" elastic strap on either side
3. Maximizes horses' comfort and diminishes the amount of time spent readjusting
The Ice Boot Suspenders work with ice boots that are made of neosuede
5. Can be used with nine-pocket or six-pocket Equipro Ice Boots.
Suspenders can be worn with a surprisingly small amount of pressure to keep the boots from sliding down.  

 Our horse bedsore boots are recommended by veterinarians over any horse bedsore boot on the market today. Our bedsore boots are safe, waterproof and are a comfortable 5mm thick. The reason ourhorse bedsore boots are so highly regarded amongst veterinarians is because they do not apply uneven tension to the tendons. Equipro bedsore boots are well endorsed.

Our horse scalping boots provide just the right amount of protection to the coronet band. Whether you are protecting an old injury, helping an injury to heal by protecting it or simply trying to prevent an injury from occurring, our scalping boots will do the job.

If you are looking for a way to bandage a knee...check out our knee wraps. This knee wrap was designed by a thoroughbred trainer and manufactured by Equipro. Our horse knee wraps take the place of spider bandages. They provide a means of keeping the no bow bandage on. They aid in keeping bandages on the knee. They stay up and also permit a horse to lay down comfortably. Along with our basic knee wrap we now offer an horse ice knee wrap. This horse ice knee wrap fits easily into your first aid kit and you can use any available ice however we recommend crushed ice for our horse nine pocket and horse six pocket ice boots. You'll be able to quickly and easily ice a knee that gets banged at a show or competition. This ice knee wrap can easily be used by you on your own knee. It works as a human ice knee wrap.  This ice knee wrap is lightweight, easily transported and will fit easily into the corner of any tack trunk. After icing the knee this ice knee wrap can be used in place of a spider to hold up the knee bandage.

You have many colors to choose from  our standing bandages.  Along with all the classic colors of dark blue and dark green and black and white we have added some fun colors... lime green, hot pink, turquois, yellow with pink velcro, purple, red, black, navy blue, royal blue, pale pink and we even have pale pink with black velcro available. Not of February 24, 2014 we have a new color combination. Orange bandages with red velcro. We will post pictures soon. In the meantime if you are interested...order the regular orange ones with the white velcro and then send an email or call and request the orange with the red velcro.

If you have a pony that needs bandaging we have just the right pony standing bandages for you. They are shorter and narrower than the horse standing bandages but with the same attention to detail which Equipro is known for.

If you work with horses in any capacity you know the strain that is placed on the lower back. Finally, a comfortable, therapeutic, non-retrictive, low back support belt designed for you. 

We are now offering FREE SHIPPING on our Equipro Low Back Support Belts.

TRAINERS - Probably the worst back strain  is incurred by hours of stressful standing. Observing others and disregarding yourself takes it toll. Treat yourself with an Equipro low back support belt.

HORSESHOERS - Use this low back support belt for the first few hours of the day to get warmed up ... or put in on late in the day when you're tired and need a little help ... or as many do ... wear it all day to reduce wear and tear on your back.

RIDERS - The Equipro low back support belt can be comfortably worn under clothing and gives unobserved support when you need it most.

GROOMS - Every groom will appreciate the extra help this low back support belt will give them. Easy to bend over while wearing this belt because their are no binding stays to restrict movement. Flexibility and support  are provided by the Equipro Back Support. These belts make a wonderful gift.

Whether you're looking for horse ice boots, horse bedsore boots, horse scalping boots, horse hock wraps, horse hock ice boots, bell boots, knee wraps,horse ice knee wraps or human ice knee wraps or horse or pony standing won't be disappointed if you choose from the Equipro line up.

We love to hear from you and your comments are appreciated.
Thank you,
Beth Byrne
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